We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that some of our horned-up fans are gonna be just a little bit in love today – or should that be lust? – thanks to the gorgeous new blond boy on www.staxus.com by the name of Adrian Bennet.

With his lithe, boyish body and the kind of cornflower blue eyes that you could quite literally look into forever, Adrian is an exquisite find by director, John Smith; and to be honest most of us would probably have been more than content just to watch the fellow perform on his own … no disrepect to his partner-in-crime, Vittorio Vega.

Seems like we’re not the only ones who are just a little bit smitten, however. With their shared interests, it appears that John Smith has a definite soft spot for this handsome beauty – which hopefully means we’ll get to see much more of him in the coming weeks and months.

So enjoy the rest of your weekend in the company of this bird (and cock!) obsessed beau on www.staxus.com!!