So to celebrate me and a group of friends went to London to party hard – naturally!

From the word ‘go’ it was cocktail after cocktail, after cocktail!!


We all got FAR too drunk, FAR too soon! We partied in London’s G-A-Y Bar – which is so so different to any other club I’ve ever been too, where I come from there are hardly any BIG clubs or bars – not to mention NONE for gay people to hang out – so going to London made a nice change haha!

I’ve never really been a huge fan of birthdays, but since turning 18 – its a chance to go out and celebrate (and eat pretty cake) – plus, its weeks like this where it really makes me realise how lucky I am to have the friends and family around me that I have! 

So, to anyone who wished me a happy birthday – thank you so so much, there was no feeling like waking up to not only texts off friends wishing me a happy birthday – but also twitter notifications off you guys wishing me a nice day, it really did put a smile on my face! :-)

So until next time: thank you so so much, I had an amazing birthday! Stick around for more!