American twink Adrian Rivers is somewhat new to the Staxus site, but he’s captured the attention of a lot of the members thanks to the two scenes he’s appeared in already. You can rest assured that this boy is going to be making some great videos in the future, but you really need to go back and check out the scenes he’s been in already if you haven’t taken a look yet.

This young man comes from Boston, one of the very few American twink boys we’ve ever had on the site. He has a mixed heritage with some Latin influence, which certainly adds to his sexy look and appeal. Of course one of the obvious things is that he’s also uncut, which I’m sure you guys know is a little unusual for an American porn star (but the way things should be!)

His 9 inch member is a delicious sight, and no wonder he’s a top – all the boys want to experience that naked length sliding into them.

Although he’s only been in two scenes, both filmed in the Dominican Republic, we can expect more from him in the future. He wants to travel around Europe, and making videos with European studios is a great way to do it. I personally hope we get him on a flight over to make a whole load of scenes with the other Staxus boys, and I think plenty of you guys will be wanting that too now I’ve said it lol

Check out some pics below, and make sure you log in and check out his videos if you haven’t seen them, I think you’ll be impressed!