I’m not actually sure if I’ve mentioned this, or if you guys have gathered this from the pics and posts on the blog already, but I guess I should take this moment to clarify that there’s a lot more from the Raw Medics coming up!

Yeah, this one is a double whammy!

What we’ve been enjoying so far is merely Raw Medics one, with four scenes of hardcore fun starring some existing hotties and some new arrivals too. Now we’ve seen the last in that series I can confirm that we have a whole new batch of hardcore bareback fun from these medical professionals in Raw Medics 2, with another four scenes to enjoy :)

We’re going to be kicking off part two towards the end of the month, so only really a few days to go before we get the next scene. It’s a good one too from what I’ve been checking out, starring Chad Johnstone and Tom Nutt getting their freak on with each other in some bareback action.

I’m only giving you one little peek in the featured image for this post, so you guys will have to stick around on the blog if you want to check out some more photos from this one in the coming days and weeks as the scenes arrive.

Are you looking forward to it? I definitely am :)