I love sharing these posts, highlighting some of the most memorable moments from some of the hottest videos of the past few years. As you can probably imagine, there’s a whole lot to look through and share with you guys, from videos with all kinds of guys over the years.

I was looking through some of the scenes in my own personal faves list this morning when I came across this memorable orgy with a group of 5 horny boys, and I knew a lot of you would appreciate this circle cock sucking.

Obviously, this orgy is not all about the wanking and sucking these boys share, but being such a fan of uncut dicks, mutual jerking and greedy cock sucking, this group oral session in the scene is one of those things that I’ve clicked back through to watch again and again.

In all honesty, even though I love all the bareback, I’ve always been a bit cock-centric and the chance to see boys like these slurping and stroking each other is enough to have me on the edge of unloading pretty quickly. When you see this you can’t think of anything other than what it would be like to have a cock in your mouth while a friend sucks on your dick, and while all the other boys around you moan and groan with their dicks leaking precum into each other’s mouths!

For this one we have amazing stars Chase Anderson, Kris Wallace, Mickey Moon, Milan Sharp and Xander Hollis all sharing their hard young cocks with each other to get those cum loads gushing. Check out some pics of the cock play I love so much and make sure you click through to watch the rest of the video.