Sometimes a guy doesn’t need to have a huge number of scenes at STAXUS to be considered a hit. Every now and then we find a sexy guy with something special who really grabs the fans by the dick and impresses them so much they’re craving more after the first video.

Tony X is one of those guys.

He arrived on the site in August of 2016, ready to share his big black British cock with some of the other gorgeous boys, and he delivered the goods so well in his debut that the fans were demanding more of him and hoping to see him banging the brains out of plenty of sexy young guys.

With his gorgeous bad boy image and his 8-inch slab of footballer cock he was a delight to watch as he dominated young Ray Mannix in his first video for us. He has that air of being a total dom, a swagger to him, a bit of an attitude when you first meet him, but after a short time you find out that it’s all an act and he’s really pretty sweet – and damn horny!

Yeah, you read that right too, he was a semi-professional footballer when he was shooting scenes for us. I don’t know what team he was on, but I can only imaging that his work on the side probably got him a lot of attention from fellow horny players who love some dick on the down-low :)

When he was with us he was all about topping, which is understandable when you have the kind of dick all the guys want to ride. He didn’t have a shortage of other boys wanting to take a ride on that dick either, even though he only got to fuck a couple of boys there was a long list of guys ready to get that dick.

Unfortunately, he only came back for one more ride after that debut, giving adorable young Jacob Waterhouse a ride on his length. That was a great scene too, but then how could it not be with that twink bottom’s tight little hole being stuffed with so much thick and long dark meat?

If you’ve never seen his videos I would recommend going to take a look and seeing him sharing that impressive length with those boys. I don’t know where he is now or why he stopped making videos, but I think I speak for everyone when I suggest that he should come back and get some more ass from some of the other adorable boys!