Of course, it had to be done, I could not go on giving you Model Focus posts without getting one of the greediest bottom boys we have ever seen on here for you all to appreciate and drool over.

His name is Tim Law, but he should really need no introduction for all you twink bareback porn fans out there.

This boy is world famous in the business, not just because he’s a real cutie who never seems to age, but because he has one of the most wanton butt holes in the business ;)

I have lost count of the number of excellent scenes he’s appeared in, being skewered by some of the biggest and hardest twink dicks in the Staxus gang. No, really, I have lost count of them. I just checked his model page to count the scenes he’s been in and I had to do it three times because there are so many. Of course, my current caffeine high probably hasn’t helped.

My current count is 34 videos, but I am certain there are far more than that on the site. The earliest one appearing on a search is for April 2012, but I’m quite positive there are previous vids featuring him going back further.

This Slovakian twink boy is famous for his bareback bottoming, and there is more than one example on the site of that smooth little ass being double penetrated too. He can really stretch to get all that dick inside him!

What you might not know is that he’s into boxing too. He might look like a sweet young twink on camera, but I have a feeling he could kick our asses in more ways than one if we upset him. Thankfully, he’s so nice and sweet to everyone he meets that he’s never likely to have to use his fists – unless he’s perhaps ramming one into a twink bottom as horny as he is! lol

If you haven’t seen any of his videos on the site yet, you are missing out.

Recent Appearances
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