Okay guys, I’m gonna need some comments on handsome and buff young man Rob Nielsen for this model focus post. I really want to know what you guys think of him.

I’ve been checking out some of his videos on the STAXUS site this morning after seeing a gorgeous young man just like him at the gym this morning. Yeah, I finally got around to getting back into working out after a couple of months of being a lazy ass, but I’m glad I did.

It seems that in my time away from the gym a few really hot guys have arrived, one of them looks a lot like Rob Nielsen.

He’s a really buff young man, the kind of guy who crosses the line between jock and twink. He’s got that sexy and youthful face of a sexy twink boy but the beefy body of a real muscled jock.

He works out a lot, going to the gym every day. It definitely shows in his immaculate body and I have to admit that I wish I had his motivation and determined nature. Alas, I only seem to go when I start to feel too guilty for not going lol

I know not every twink fan is into the more muscled boys, but I think we all get it when a boy like him is teamed up with a slight twink to really take control and fuck them.

That’s one of the things I love the most about seeing a boy like him on video at STAXUS, the comparison between him and the boys he appears with is so damn hot!

The Czech boy arrived back in February 2017 ready to share his cock and ass with some of the greediest boys. Hung young Bjorn Nykvist was the first to get it, being pounded in the butt by the bareback boy’s 7.5″ uncut cock and then sliding his own big dick into Rob’s hole too.

When a guy like this starts out with a flip flop fuck like that you can be pretty certain that they’re gonna be a popular young man.

Indeed, he’s been in another six scenes since that debut and it certainly looks as though all the fans love to watch him sharing his muscle boy dick with the other lads.

I was thinking about what might be his best scene so far, and to be honest I can’t pick one. Every time he’s appeared he’s been a crowd pleaser.

Check out some of the pics from his videos and click through each one to check out the trailer. There’s a lot to get through and you should be aware that when you watch one of his videos you’re probably going to be on a binge watching the rest of his videos.