A lot of the members love Ryan Olsen, and with good reason too. This cute young man is so shy and modest he really doesn’t think he’s that good looking or sexy, but I know plenty of the guys on the Staxus site completely disagree, and perhaps his attitude makes him even sexier!

He’s a very good performer, and even though it apparently took quite a lot of time and convincing to get him on video for his very first scene he’s become an adored member of the gang since he arrived.

There’s a lot to say about this Czech twink. He’s so cute, obviously, and he’s modest too, but he’s also an extremely horny boy who loves to suck cock. It’s one of his favorite things to do with a boy, and he’s real good at it too. Some of the other performers have enjoyed his sucking skills so much they’ve had to stop him in the middle of it all to prevent their dicks from shooting off too early ;)

He’s really into group fucking too. He’s a versatile twink who can give as good as he gets, and he loves to do both in some flip flop action. He’s been in a few group scenes already, and the fans loved each and every one of them.

Something you might not expect is that Ryan is very politically minded. He’s always up to date on national and global politics and he wants to be a politician later in life. I know what you’re thinking… being a porn star might hinder that career. Personally, I think being a market trader or banker is far more of a dubious profession for an aspiring politician, and how many go from a career like that into politics?

Whatever he does in the future, lets appreciate what this versatile twink is doing for us all right now, check out some of his hot scenes and enjoy!

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