You guys probably noticed that we started the Model Feature posts on the blog and it seems that many of you are pretty interested in finding out more about some of the most impressive boys on the Staxus site. There’s a lot of boys to get through though, and I’m learning more about plenty of them in order to bring you some more info.

For this one I wanted to feature the handsome and mean straight top boy Paul Walker, not only because he’s a fellow Brit, but because the whole straight boy thing interests me a little.

You might recall that this handsome British performer had an interview a while back where he talked a little about his sexuality, and how it just turns him on to enjoy sex for an audience. It definitely seems to be true, because this boy really gets off in his videos with some of the other boys. I guess that performing attitude comes from his days as a stripper in the UK, although now he’s obviously a lot more “hands-on” these days lol

He likes it rough, and he likes being sucked by experienced lads too. I guess a lot of straight guys are like that secretly, they know that being with other guys is different and the dudes love to pleasure a dick and take it hard in the butt ;)

Paul is one of the few cut guys on the site too, which is another unusual thing for a British boy. He has a real big dick though, so even if you prefer uncut guys you have to admit that this sporty boys meat is pretty delicious to see in action.

Another great thing about him, apart from the hard fucking he delivers and the length of that impressive pink dick, is that he often cums a real hard and heavy load when he’s had a great time with another boy. Did you see the tennis themed scene recently with him slamming Louis Blakeson? He really delivered the cum in that one!

When he’s not fucking boys, sucking cock and shooting loads on video, he’s saving up for a muscle car and pawing through ads and online shops for all the things he wants to do to it. He’s a real blokey type of guy, and that just makes him even sexier in my opinion.

Enjoy some pics of this handsome and horny straight guy, and check out some of his appearances if you haven’t already.