Okay guys, I’m about to go all fanboy on your asses lol

Dick Casey has impressed me again in this new hardcore gay bareback scene with twink bottom Ray Mannix, in ways I never knew were possible. Yes, we already know that this gorgeous jock is one of the horniest dudes for his category, and we know that he can really perform when there’s a camera on him, but this new video puts him in a whole new light.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about…

Ray is given the task of picking up the lad out on the street, without telling him why other than they have to have sex in the car. He doesn’t know there are cameras on them, or that this is all part of a shoot. As far as he’s concerned one of the guys he’s worked with before has suddenly appeared and picked him up, and suggested they get their cocks out in the car for some fun.

You can totally tell that Dick is wondering what the deal is, and whether he’s going to get paid. He’s assured that he is, and still without knowing they’re on camera gets into some mutual wanking and sucking with his fellow performer right there in the front of the car.

Obviously it would be a lot harder to keep this game going for the real bareback fucking when they get to the warehouse, the real setting for their shoot. We don’t see his response to discovering the cameras in the car, or if he was ever told about it.

What we do get is a truly amazing hardcore bareback fucking with Dick sliding his meaty thick jock boner into that tight ass and giving Ray a thorough fucking, making the boy spew his spunk out and then being sucked and wanked to his own epic cum blasting climax.

We know Dick shoots a lot of spunk, but he really pumps out a massive mess of hot goo all over his chest and abs when Ray takes him over the edge at the end of this hardcore gay bareback video. I have a feeling all that wanking and sucking in the car before they got there had him needing to blast out that big load :)

This really is a great scene, something totally different and totally horny. We get to see Dick out of his “acting mode” and just enjoying some uncut cock like the horny lad he is, and it’s a whole lot of fun.