Welcome to a new feature on the Staxus blog! I thought it might be fun to start posting about some of the hot performers we have on the site and dedicate a little time to some of the boys here and there. I’m kicking this off with Mickey Taylor, and hopefully I can tell you a little more about him and discuss his action a little too.

If you want to see someone featured in one of these posts then please let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can dig up about them ;)

So, Mickey Taylor, what can I tell you about this hot young man?

I can tell you that he’s an Essex boy, that’s UK, and that he’s a male model as well as a hot and horny gay porn star for Staxus! Yes, I’ll bet you didn’t know that. It’s amazing the kinds of things you find out when you do a little digging around ;)

I’m guessing that he models in the alternative scene, but whether he’s more mainstream or not he definitely has the good looks for that.

I have to mention the somewhat controversial aspect of all his ink too, of course. I know a lot of guys have been either “love it” or “hate it”. Personally I like it, it shows originality and a good attitude about life. I’ve found that guys who have a lot of ink tend to be a lot more open and friendly, and more adventurous and daring too. There’s no real attitude with guys like Mickey, and that makes him even sexier.

Of course one of the hottest things about him appearing on Staxus is that he’s versatile too. We all love a horny vers boy like him, and he definitely knows how to give and take it. All of his appearances so far have been a lot of fun to watch, especially the group fucks.

I also happen to love the fact that he can cum pretty hard and splash it out too. I always wonder what makes guys different when it comes to the cum shot, is there something a squirter does to make their load leap out? Answers on a postcard (or just leave a comment! lol)

Enjoy a few pics of the handsome and inked horny boy, and make sure you check him out in one of his videos if you haven’t already. He’s been in a few and they’ve had some great comments on them.

Mickey’s Most Recent Videos

Confession Is Good For The Soul