Yes guys, we have a brand new collection of scenes coming to the Staxus site, and it’s all about to kick off with a great new Behind The Scenes video too!

The Cuddle Up collection is going to have a lot of you guys wanking one out – more than one in fact – as our bevy of beauties share their dicks in some excellent bareback action.

I don’t actually know what the theme is for this one, I haven’t seen any of the descriptions and only have some pics to go on, but from what I understand it’s all about the lovers enjoying some intimate time together in what might be described as almost romantic pairings.

You can bet that it’s not going to be any less hardcore or horny though, not with some of the boys involved in this! :)

I’ve grabbed just a couple of stills from the BTS trailer for you all to check out in this post, and I think this is going to have you all looking forward to seeing this one arrive.

You don’t need to wait too long for this either, so make sure you stick around and keep checking in. I know the BTS videos have been a popular subject so far this year, and I think you’re really going to enjoy this whole new series of videos.

A new Behind The Scenes video is coming 1 A new Behind The Scenes video is coming 3 A new Behind The Scenes video is coming 2