G’day, mate!

If you’ve never checked out handsome Aussie boy Jaxon Radoc on the STAXUS site then you have been missing out on a lot of excellent sex. We’ve never really featured him heavily on the blog before, but that’s about to change with this Model Focus post where I get to tell you a lot more about the young man.

Most of you know that the majority of our gorgeous boys come from all over Europe, but they are predominantly Czech. Every now and then we find a sexy South African guy, or a horny Twink Brit, but Jaxon Radoc is unique in that he came to us all the way from Australia.

He was a student at the time and took a break from his studies to do some traveling, and somehow he just ended up making hot videos with other very horny young guys and using that income to travel around some more.

We knew he was going to be a great performer from the moment he arrived. He had everything we loved to see in a boy. He was so sexy, handsome, horny all the time and really willing to make as many videos as he could with as many boys as he could.

It wasn’t hard to get other guys lining up to appear with him, either, the versatile boy has a big cut 8-inch cock and a great ass, and he certainly knew how to use both.

One of the best things about him, aside from everything we already know, is that he absolutely loves uncut cocks. It might be because he’s cut, and most Aussie boys are uncut like European guys, so maybe that’s why he’s come to really appreciate intact dicks. But, then again, I’m uncut and I have a major foreskin fetish too, so perhaps none of that really matters?

Although we haven’t seen him around here for a few years now his videos are definitely still popular with the fans and he’s still bringing new members to the site with that handsome face, smooth young body and big meaty cock.

We have 24 videos with him on the site and every one of them is worth watching, at least a couple of times. Whether you’re into outdoor sex, uniforms, threesomes or something else, you’re likely to find one of his videos in that theme.

Take a look at some of the videos featuring the gorgeous Aussie boy and click through to check it out.