I need to start this post off by declaring that both John Hill and Rasty Shut are utterly gorgeous. I could watch these boys for hours and in fact I think I will a little later when I go back through all their videos and have the longest wank known to mankind lol

Rasty is playing the role of the sexy young student, a boy who loves two things in life; cock and playing the guitar. I’m sure there must be more to him than that, but it’s all we really need to know for this horny story.

After being caught out and made to hide under the bed he gets a sexy view of his handsome friend stroking his hard uncut cock, but things are about to get even more interesting when John catches him spying!

With his friend’s hard uncut length in his face Rasty can’t say no, sucking on that delicious boner and getting his own out for his friend to gobble on. Their cocks are so hard and so gorgeous, I could suck both of these boys off for a while and make them cum harder than they ever have before!

Although the oral these boys share is excellent it’s nothing compared to the fucking Rasty takes when John slides his length into his tight little student ass, fucking him deep in long thrusting strokes.

If you haven’t shot your load by this point then the ending is really gonna make you squirt. Both boys wank off for each other, stroking their long shafts and splashing their cum out, giving each other a taste of their jizz!

This is one of those classic scenes that should have you all spewing cream by the end of it, especially if you really love hung young men totally into it and clearly loving every inch of their scene buddy.

College boy bareback with Rasty Shut & John Hill 1 College boy bareback with Rasty Shut & John Hill 2 College boy bareback with Rasty Shut & John Hill 3 College boy bareback with Rasty Shut & John Hill 4