This week me and a few other Staxus
models went to sunny Portugal to film two DVDs! Me, Orlando, Paul and
Louis all arrived and ran straight outside from the villa and started
sunbathing. It was so beautiful there. On our first day we had a
celebration drink with the crew members and decided to go skinny
dipping. Ignoring the fact we were told completely not to, because
the current was ridiculously strong! Haha 

While I was out
there I had to shoot four scenes:

  • 1. Paul Walker
  • 2. Orlando
    White and Alex Santana
  • 3. Paul Walker, Orlando White and Pedro
  • 4. A scene with Louis Blakeson

scene with Paul was amazing! For a straight guy he really knows how
to fuck a gay one haha. Me and Paul really clicked all week, and
actually have become amazing friends. I can’t wait to see him in a
month or so. 

src=”beach polaroids.jpeg” size=”Original” /]

My scene with Orlando and Alex Santana was
really good. Alex is a new Portuguese model who had never shot porn
before. I remember being in his shoes, so it was great to be there
for someone, like I needed for my first shoot.

My scene with
Orlando, Paul and Pedro Ribeiro was really good aswell. We really had
to battle the elements out there on the beach, but it was a great
shoot. Orlando is definitely as beautiful in person as he is in all
his photos!

Me and Louis tried to stage our scene a little
more romantically and did ours in two destinations, which was cool.
Me and Louis really hit it off along with Paul, and it’s was so good
to spend the week with him. I can’t wait to see him at Birmingham