There are certain types of dudes I really love to check out, from Rugby players to muscled gym guys to twinky students and more, and builders are in that mix of horny themes somewhere too. Who doesn’t love a horny young man willing to share his cock with a buddy after a hard day out on the job?

That’s the theme for this new bareback twink porn video arriving tomorrow, kicking of the new Raw Builders series in style with Mike Cole and David Sky.

Both of these young men are delicious to watch, and they kind of suit the theme of the scene too. You can totally imagine these boys being on a building site, although perhaps they would be more likely to be getting the coffee for the other guys than working an excavator lol

They’re doing none of that in this video, but then you probably guessed that already. No, for these boys it’s all about enjoying their time together after a hard day at work, getting their dicks out and sucking those boners, then fucking deep and bareback right there in site where any of their fellow builders could come along and catch them in the act!

Can I just also say that I’m wondering how they managed to get to shoot on a real construction site!? It makes me wonder if a horny foreman was lurking in the background wanking a load out while the boys got down to it lol

I wonder if any of the actual builders knew what was going on here?

Damn, that’s a horny thought too.

Check out some of the pics and make sure you’re back here tomorrow to see the start of the series as Mike takes the long and throbbing cock of gorgeous twink boy David.

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