Doesn’t dental assistant, Bryan Hogan, realise that watching porn can send you blind, and that watching it at work can result in instant dismissal? Apparently not, given that he’s energetically jerking away on his wood when he should be preparing patients for the attention of his boss, Damian Talbot.

Fortunately for him, Talbot’s arrival on the scene only seems to get his superior into a rather infuriated sexual lather, as he roughly bundles Hogan down to service that thick, veiny cock that he has stashed in his pants. The underling’s apparent reluctance at this point does little to convince, it must be said – but then, of course, who would ever believe that someone could resist the advances of Damian Talbot in full throttle? Indeed, as if to underline the point it’s barely a few moments on before Hogan has positioned his ass directly onto Talbot’s meaty ring-stretcher and is getting himself poked good and hard in pretty much every position imaginable!

Seems like this young tattooed wanker is a bit of a slut on the sly – a fact that’s underlined by his willingness to slurp on his partner’s cock as it pumps out a fine wad of pent-up jizz at the scene’s finale.