Dedicated Staxus followers will know that you all get some great freebies from the Homoactive (EU) and Radvideo (US) sites, and some of you should already know about the regular gay porn DVD giveaways they have on the sites.

But just in case you missed it, here’s the deal…

It’s a buy one get one free deal. Simple, right? You buy a DVD, and when you click through the banner at the top of the page you can scroll through all the fee gay porn DVD’s in the list to select what ones you want. This isn’t limited either, meaning that if you want to buy those three awesome hardcore DVD’s you’ve had your eye on for a while now, you can go and choose another three gay hardcore DVD’s from the section and get them for nothing!

This is the most popular gay porn DVD offer we’ve ever seen, with loads of guys all over the world taking advantage of it. But then it makes sense, where else can you get free gay porn DVD’s and have them delivered right to your door?

And these are no lame-ass “erotic” movies either, they’re not the bargain bin DVD’s. I was checking out some of the DVD’s in the free list this morning and they are some of the movies I love the most (I have a big collection already lol)

Check it out, buy what you really want to see and then make a choice from some of the other free gay porn DVD’s in the list, it’s too good an opportunity to miss.