Regular visitors to the Staxus site will have noticed some new faces arriving in the last couple of days, and I had to introduce you to the deliciously sexy slim lad Timmy Taylor. We really wanted to kick off his career with us here at Staxus in some style, so we teamed him up with another gorgeous new arrival in Jacob Hawk too, giving you guys a double dose of hung bareback boy action in the first duo.

You can see some more info on that a little bit later, so if you’re not a member of the site don’t worry, you’ll get some pics of the duo this evening here on the blog.

This is all about young Timmy Taylor though, showing off his sexy body and his immense uncut cock.

There’s going to be a lot more to learn about this hung bareback boy later on, but for now there are a few things I can tell you. For a start he’s obviously gorgeous. His eyes are full of mischief and horny desire in a lot of these shoots, and that’s real. During his duo with Jacob Hawk he had to stop a couple of times to prevent himself from pumping his cum into his friends ass, and that just made him even hornier.

Although most of the boys are rock hard throughout a shoot we occasionally have a boy working to keep his boner – not Timmy though! He’s genuinely horny and ready to go from the very start of a shoot.

Something else to mention is how sweet he is too. Some boys with big cocks don’t care about their partner in a shoot, or just assume that they can take their cock. Timmy Taylor actually took his time with Jacob, easing him into it and pausing to let him adjust to his size. He has a thick and meaty cock that not all boys would be able to take, and he knows it.

Finally, I have to tell you that this hung bareback boy is versatile too. He loves to have a lad taking his cock up his ass, but he loves to take a boner up his bum too. I know a lot of you are going to be getting off hard to that when it happens, just as you’ve been enjoying his first appearance with Jacob.

His first video on the Staxus site is already in the favorites lists of many members, so go and check it out and add it to your list too!

Versatile Twink Timmy Taylor At Staxus (1)

Versatile Twink Timmy Taylor At Staxus (2)

Versatile Twink Timmy Taylor At Staxus (3)

Versatile Twink Timmy Taylor At Staxus (4)

Versatile Twink Timmy Taylor At Staxus (5)