Okay guys, I’ve gone with something a little different for my third British guy post today, and this Staxus video means something to me because art is imitating life! It stars a hairy straight guy who’s looking for some cock action while his girlfriend is away, and I’m going to be taking part in the same sort of thing in a couple of weeks too!

The hairy straight guy in this video is Toby James, and he knows how to get some really hot action that his girlfriend just can’t give him. So while she’s away, he’s on the net looking for a lad to come and help him get some cum out of his balls in the best way possible. The lad helping him out is the delicious twink Billy Easter, a boy who knows how to treat a straight guys cock and give up his little hole for a macho man to slide his raw shaft into.

Now, for my own situation I won’t be bottoming for a hairy straight guy, but there will be a whole lot of wanking and mutual sucking with my straight buddy this month. His girl is leaving to visit parents for a week, and that always means a “lads weekend” with the two of us drinking beer, eating pizza, watching porn and sucking each other off. Although he considers himself straight, he admits that he has a thing for cock – I know, that makes him bi, but he doesn’t do labels.

His girl actually knows about this too, but the way she sees it is we’re not running away together, it’s just “boys being boys”.

I can’t wait for that weekend, I always shoot so much cum over those couple of days with my buddy, and he has an amazing time too.

Check out this hot vid, it’s definitely worth seeing and will probably make you cum real hard when you see them unloading too. ;)

Toby James fucks Billy Easter (1)

Toby James fucks Billy Easter (2)

Toby James fucks Billy Easter (3)

Toby James fucks Billy Easter (4)