Well, I think we all knew that pairing up Chad Johnstone and Mike Branco for an outdoor fuck scene like the one we just saw was going to get the attentions of plenty of the members. It looks like it served its purpose, several seemed to find it hard to stop their load from firing off a little too early. For the record, I’m with you guys on that, I had to watch it again and take things slow to get to the most rewarding moment. Check out what the fans have thought about this one if you haven’t clicked through and seen it already!

Fan comments on Chad Johnstone & Mike Branco 1

I kind of knew there was going to be a big finish to this one, but I wasn’t expecting the tsunami of hot cum Mike splashed out of his dick. I can certainly understand it, though, imagine getting Chad’s cock like that, I think we would all be cumming that hard too :)

Fan comments on Chad Johnstone & Mike Branco 2

I know there are a few performers who treat it very seriously and won’t cum for a few days before a good scene. I think it’s hard for some of the boys because they work so much already. It’s definitely good to see a boy finishing off a scene like this in such a spectacular way, though.

Fan comments on Chad Johnstone & Mike Branco 3

For just a second I thought it was going to be a negative comment. I agree, this was a hard one to watch without cumming too soon, and I did exactly that the first time, before coming back to it a little later and managing to get all the way to the end before letting the juice fly! lol

Fan comments on Chad Johnstone & Mike Branco 4

I’m glad you enjoyed it, along with everyone else it seems! It really is a good scene with a couple of great young guys that I know a lot of the fans will want to see plenty more of. I think there’s a lot more to come from both of these boys, and hopefully a few scenes with them together again. They clearly had some real chemistry with each other in this video.

Thanks for all your comments on the scene, and your votes. This is one of the most popular videos of the last couple of months, but so many of them have been incredibly well received too.

If you still haven’t watched this video yet (why? Where have you been?) I would recommend clicking through and taking a look.