Evening guys! I hope you’ve had a good day today, and that you’ve enjoyed the other posts and the pics I’ve added. I have one more post for you guys before I need to go and have a bit of a snooze – I think I need an early night tonight because I still haven’t recovered properly from the weekend! lol

I have another great gay threesome in this video, and it’s a hot one that kind of goes along with my theme for this weekend. As you can see, this Staxus scene is called “The morning after”, so I guess you know that these three boys have been partying hard, and that means they have the hangover horn!

Joe Parkes and Jimmy Call wake up after a heavy night to find the other right there, horny and ready to suck some more cock. But as this is a gay threesome, we need one more stiff prick to join the party, and we get it when Blake Reed arrives to discover the scene before him.

It’s a good thing he walked in just as they’re getting down to it, because he’s in the mood for some cock in both ends and the horny lad is quick to invite them to spitroast him! ;)

Yes, right now I have to agree with you, I would love to be him in this scene too (I think I can predict what most of you think when you see these pics lol)

Enjoy the pics guys, and click through for the video. Just search on “The Morning After” and you’ll find it.

Blake Reed, Joe Parkes and Jimmy Call (1)

Blake Reed, Joe Parkes and Jimmy Call (2)

Blake Reed, Joe Parkes and Jimmy Call (3)