I've always had a thing for guys in uniform, and that's why I love these cop and army shoots we have on the Staxus site. I've been watching a lot of these over the last few weeks, and now that we have some more military cock scenes on the way I'm really looking forward to seeing them as they're added.

I was actually going through the Staxus Abused collection when I found this shoot with some cop cock action going on, and it immediately made me think back to a hot police officer I still fantasize about now!

I was heading to visit a friend when my buddy and I were pulled over on this country road, and this gorgeous young cop was stood there at the driver side with the most impressive cock bulge I think I have ever seen. You know a lot of those cops love their uniform, and some of them deliberately make it tight to show off their muscles and their dicks. This guy was like that, with the shape of his cock snaking down one side a little. I was hard in a second, and although neither of us made a move on the young hunk we did pull over to suck each other off pretty quickly after ;)

I wonder what that young officer would have thought about the sight of his cop cock bulge turning us on so much we had to suck each other after seeing him?!

Handsome Marcel Bimore is the uniformed hunk sharing his cop cock with young detainee Lucas Leung in this video. Both these guys are pretty popular with the members, and I think you'll see why when you watch them sucking and fucking in this one!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for some pics of our latest shoot arriving on the site. I'll have that for you a little later this evening ;)

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