Welcome back to another look behind the virtual curtain of a gay porn set!

Many of us spend a lot of time each day clicking through porn sites, checking out videos and models and – of course – wanking as much as possible! Or is it just me? haha

Even though it’s great to see a well-made porn movie, it’s also interesting to know how these movies are created, and also what happens on set which ends up on the cutting room floor.

This time we have some sneaky pics of the goings-on on the set of “Forbidden Fruits” for you, featuring protagonists Max Grey and new boy Vittirio Vega – as well as a long green cucumber by the name of Mr. Green :) All three will be available tomorrow on Staxus.com, so make sure you watch their video!

On the pics you get to see the little machine that created all those lovely bubbles for the intro; as well as Max rubbing the cucumber against his dick, and Mark, our camera-boy, sitting directly in front of him!

I’m always a little bit envious of those men on set who can be so very close to the models. At the same time, I’m also really impressed with the boys who can ignore all those people around them as they focus on their cocks – not to mention the cocks of their partners!

When you want to see those lovely dicks, then turn your screen on tomorrow and enjoy.

As for those of you who have no membership yet – (why??!!) – make sure you visit the blog for lots of sexy pics taken from scene 2 of “Forbidden Fruits” – and maybe also make sure to click this link here to become a member of the best porn site ever :)