I have my date from last night coming over very soon, and I’m horny as hell waiting for him. I think we might kick back and watch some Staxus videos, so I’ve been going through my awesome list of amazing scenes and I found this one. I thought you guys might want to see this one too.

This video is pretty special, because it stars two boys who were totally new to the whole hardcore gay porn thing when they started out. Our amazing director Vlado Iresch knows what he’s doing though! He’s a legend when it comes to shooting guys getting it on, no matter who the guys are. He’s great at getting guys in the mood (not that it takes a lot when the boys see each other!) and he puts them right at ease.

I don’t know how he keeps his cool sometimes, because having been on set when you’ve got guys sucking each other off and fucking, I get so turned on I need to have a wank ASAP! But somehow he stays professional.

Dawe Homer and Eamon August are the two brand new boys in this video from the archives, but even though they’re new to it all they’re ready to shoot some hardcore gay porn for the fans and their dicks are quickly hard and dribbling juice, preparing to shoot some jizz.

It’s a great fuck, with young twink lad Eamon August impaling his perfect ass over the magnificent fuckmeat of Dawe Homer and riding it hard. You wouldn’t think these boys were so new to it all when you see them, but there’s no denying their hunger for it by the time their loads are erupting out everywhere!

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