Okay, I’ll admit that I did overdo things a little last night. I perhaps should have stopped early on, but even though I was pretty drunk my date and I had a great night, and we didn’t stop fucking until about 5am lol

I’m paying for it now of course. I’m a little hung over, but like always that’s just made me even hornier today. I could have fucked the lad all night and all day and the hangover would still mean I need to shoot some more loads this evening! I don’t know why that happens, but I know I’m not the only one who gets massively horny when they’re hungover.

My new buddy is coming back tonight too, for another session. This time I plan to be sober, to really appreciate his thick uncut cock the way it should be. ;)

So, you might recall that we had another awesome video on the way for you guys on the Staxus site this morning. I added a post a couple of days ago showing you some of the action from Dick Casey fucking Tim Law, and the video is now live on the site.

Tim is great in this video, really taking that thick uncut cock like the little hungry bottom boy he is. And all you cum load fans will totally get off on the jizz Dick squirts at the end! Check out the video on the site, and remember to rate it and add your thoughts to the comments too.

Dick Casey Fucks Tim Law Raw (1)

Dick Casey Fucks Tim Law Raw (2)

Dick Casey Fucks Tim Law Raw (3)