One of the things guys really think about when it comes to getting into porn is how the casting is done. How are boys chosen to be a porn star and what do they have to do to get into the business? Well, I know all studios are different, but we take things very seriously at Staxus. Although guys might think that there’s a cameraman or director who is just waiting for a new boy to arrive to suck his cock as a casting test, that’s not actually how it’s done.

But, that doesn’t stop us from filming some of our boys in a hot session and making that a fantasy!

That’s what we were going for in scenes like this one, where a hot blond twink with a hard dick is invited by Joy to show off and get some cock action as his first introduction to the business. But Joy just can’t keep his hands to himself and when the blond twink is wanking his uncut cock the cameraman has to have a feel of it.

Dave certainly doesn’t mind getting interactive with the cameraman though, sharing cock with the guy and getting into some great mutual cock sucking before that solid tool is easing into the new lads hole! ;)

I swear, although it’s sometimes hard to do, all of our guys are a lot more professional than this. But that doesn’t stop us from having a hasty wank in the mens room when the sights and sounds on set become far too much to handle! lol

Blond Twink Sucked And Fucked (1)

Blond Twink Sucked And Fucked (2)

Blond Twink Sucked And Fucked (3)

Blond Twink Sucked And Fucked (4)