This is why we all need a good workout buddy.

Jaro Stone and his friend Peter Nowak are enjoying a good stretch when Peter experiences a twang of pain in his thigh and needs to sit down, but it’s okay, he has an experienced friend there to help him deal with that discomfort. Jaro wastes no time giving his thick sporty thigh a good little massage, but of course he can’t help giving his friends cock bulge a little extra too :)

Come on guys, we would all be the same with a lycra-clad cock right there in front of us! lol

His attentions are eagerly received and with a little kiss the action begins to unfold.

Jaro releases his friends throbbing length from the confines of his lycra and jock strap and starts sucking on his juicy helmet, which can only lead to much of the same in response as Peter feasts on the impressive length Jaro has to offer him.

And as you might expect, some mutual sucking in a 69 leads to the boys pucker being licked and Jaro’s naked shaft sliding deep into him!

It’s a slow and sensual fucking as the new boy takes that length in every position. The sight of him riding that cock with his own length hard and throbbing is perhaps the best though, I love seeing a boy enjoying a hard cock like that with his own dick bouncing and leaking precum in appreciation!

With Jaro pulling out to decorate the boys hole and ball sack with his cum Peter is soon ready to squirt too, giving Jaro a taste of his fresh cream and sharing a wet kiss to finish.

It’s a great video, well worth a wank from every one of you. I can predict that you’re all gonna want to see more of Peter (and Jaro) after this. If you haven’t seen this one yet then click through and get that dick out for some fun!

Have you found our cheeky little Elf yet? Check out the images in this post and locate him, leave a comment at the bottom telling us where he is and what color hat he’s wearing to be in with a chance of winning a FREE STAXUS DVD!


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Peter Nowak rides the raw cock of Jaro Stone 1 Peter Nowak rides the raw cock of Jaro Stone 2 Peter Nowak rides the raw cock of Jaro Stone 3 Peter Nowak rides the raw cock of Jaro Stone 4