What’s the best way to start off another week of amazing hardcore porn on the Staxus blog? I think there would probably be a few ideas from you guys, but I’m guessing a new video to jerk off over would be one of the top suggestions. We do indeed have a new video on the site that I’ll be sharing some photos from very soon, but before I get to that I have to share something else with you.

You guys know that gay DP fucking is one of the more popular things we like to see on the site, and whenever a new one arrives with two cocks easing into a boys ass plenty of the members are commenting on it and adding it to their faves lists. It’s not just the new scenes though, because there are some very hot gay DP fucking scenes a little further back in the site too.

Check out this one with John Magiaty, Kevin Bros and Ric Jones, for example…

A shared porn mag is all that’s needed to get these boys hauling out their dicks for stroking, and a whole lot more too. Kevin and Ric are the boys getting the fun started as they swap cocks and help each other out, but when officer John catches them in the act he’s more interested in getting some dick than punishing his inmates.

He’s a real horny fucker not happy with just wanking and sucking, he wants all that cock inside him, and both at once too. It leads to a great gay DP fucking, and a chain fuck too at one point. But you’ll be hoping for a messy ending to this one, which is something Staxus is very good at delivering ;)

A gay DP fucking for John Magiaty (1)

A gay DP fucking for John Magiaty (2)

A gay DP fucking for John Magiaty (3)

A gay DP fucking for John Magiaty (4)