Yesterday afternoon I spent my time clicking through the most famous, most handsome and best rated boys on the STAXUS club site, and I have to confess that I had some lovely moments while doing so ;)

One of the boys I wanked to was Kurt Maddox, so I was a quite surprised to see that we did not have a „Model Focus“ for this talented and gifted young man who has brought us so much pleasure in the past few years! He’s one of the most versatile boys I’ve ever seen, and I don’t just mean that he topped and bottomed with equal gusto.

When you click through his videos, you’ll see that he’s been in military scenes, had fun in the locker room, on a bed and on a couch – and he’s even fucked a lovely young lad in a sling! He’s also enjoyed several threesomes, plus a some really hot foursomes; including some really hot interracials with big dicked black boys!

He obviously loves sex and would never miss a chance to suck on a drooling cock, before riding it for all his worth! At the same time, he was always happy to stuff another boy’s greedy arse because he knew exactly how good it feels to have a bare cock push deep down into your guts!

Kurt was one of the really slim lads on STAXUS and when you check out his pics, it seems he actually never saw the sun! Haha. All the same, his paleness matched perfectly to other boys’ tanned bodies – and let’s admit it, a pale Brit definitely pushes lots of buttons for many fans.

If you look for a video where a pale young man’s hole gets stretched to the absolute max, then I recommend that you watch his scene with big dicked Devon LeBron (see the following pics and you’ll understand why Kurt deserves a „Model Focus“ post!) – or his foursome with Aaron Aurora, David Hanson and Oscar Roberts ! Their chain-fuck was absolutely awesome, and you’ll find Kurt in the middle of the fucking gang.

Still wondering why? LOL. Well, he just loves getting fucked and dipping his bare cock in some tasty wet arse.

If you’re no different, then please feel free to check out Kurt’s videos and I am sure you’ll deliver a good, sticky load to express your appreciation for one of the most versatile boys ever!