I have to ask you a question in this post, because I think there are a lot of you out there who might have heard stories about army guys fucking. You see, we actually get a lot of feedback on some of the scenes we shoot at Staxus, and sometimes we get people sending us experiences they’ve had or stories they’ve heard that they really want to see in action on video.

One of my favorites was from an ex-military guy in the UK who told us about some of his experiences of army guys fucking each other when no one was looking. He’d only ever sucked a guy off when they came to an agreement about it, but he knew of at least three other guys who had actually fucked their buddies.

I think this video with two army guys fucking out in the open was from a story one of our camera guys shared after he’d hooked up with a daddy who used to be in the military. I could be wrong, because we’ve had a few shoots like this that started out that way – but it’s totally hot to know that army guys sometimes get off with each other!

So what stories or experiences have you guys heard? Maybe you could give our creative team something to think about for the next few shoots we film! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or experiences that you think would be hot to watch. ;)

Military Men Sharing Uncut Cocks (1)

Military Men Sharing Uncut Cocks (2)

Military Men Sharing Uncut Cocks (3)

Military Men Sharing Uncut Cocks (4)