You might have noticed that we have another gallery on the Staxus site, and that means the video is one the way too. I know a lot of you are going to be looking forward to that one, because most of us love a good twink threesome!

But in the meantime I thought I would look for another great twink threesome on the site and share some pics of that with you too, just to get you in the mood for the coming scene ;)

David Glenn, Max Brown and Tom Nutt are the uniformed trio appearing in this medical themed scene, with plenty of dick to share between them as the clothes come of off and sucking begins. All three are gorgeous, and they make a perfect mix with the more muscled Max Brown doing lot of deep thrusting into the tight little butt of Tom Nutt.

You have to have some great cumshots in a twink threesome like this, and the lads definitely deliver! The first thick and warm load is delivered right into the mouths of Max and Tom as David Glenn purges his balls, but the fucking is what gets the other two on the edge, with Max pumping out his cream all over Tom’s hole, and then getting a second taste of spunk as his bottom splashes him too!

I love messy cumshot scenes where the boys get a taste, and when it’s a twink threesome too that’s just even more intense ;)

Stay tuned for the new threeway scene later today, and check back soon for a great DVD offer that you won’t want to miss either!

David Glenn, Max Brown and Tom Nutt (1)

David Glenn, Max Brown and Tom Nutt (2)

David Glenn, Max Brown and Tom Nutt (3)

David Glenn, Max Brown and Tom Nutt (4)