Physical injury is the greatest threat to any would-be footballer’s career, so it always pays for a player to have a good relationship with the team’s Physio. Whether you should be quite as intimate as these two guys, however, is a professional quandary that we’ll leave you to ponder on.

Suffice it to say that Paul Cube is only too willing and eager to give Michael Moon a serious deep-crotch massage whilst the smooth dark-haired boy wonder gets high by sniffing away on one of the team’s used jockstraps. The atmosphere in the Physio Room is certainly electric as these two cuties savour some serious cock-sucking antics together – but it gets even more intense when Rudy Haller stumbles upon the horny pair and proceeds to take full advantage by thrusting his aching ramrod into Moon’s mouth. Events quickly unfold from this point on, with Moon soon laid out prostrate over the massage bench so that he can be spit-roasted raw by his team-mates – a development that’ll not go unappreciated by yourselves.

The ultimate highlight though is when Haller and Cube spurt all over Moon’s face – a fabulous cum-facial that’ll undoubtedly have you banging out one of your own!


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