After watching Jacob Bishop deliver two cum loads in the last post I went on the hunt to see some of the other action this guy has appeared in on the Staxus site. I know we might be famous for all the gorgeous boys we have, but sometimes you just want a real muscle man to fuck the cum out of you, and I think Jacob Bishop would be the first choice for many of us.

He’s like one of those muscle daddy men you might see at the gym (I see a lot of them every week, but not many are as hot as Jacob Bishop!) and that’s why I thought I’d share this gym locker room threeway shoot with you guys.

I’ve seen a lot of action in gyms in my time, with guys wanking themselves off, jerking each other, sucking some cock… but I have never seen a hardcore locker room threeway like this. I wouldn’t be able to just sit back and stroke one out to something like this if I were there and caught Jacob Bishop and Neil Cross sucking each other off.

Lucas Leung discovers the guys swallowing each other and decides to enjoy a jerk off to the live show, but when Jacob Bishop spies their voyeur the horny lad joins in to make it an awesome locker room threeway with a trio of stiff uncut fuckmeat to share.

Young Lucas gets barebacked by both his buddies over and over, with Jacob being the first to unload a thick mess on his ass and sliding his wet dick back in. Then Neil splashes his own cream over the boys face and gives him a taste.

But you know, Jacob Bishop is a horny fucker, and he’s fast to reload. Seeing all the cum leaping out gets him delivering another thick warm mess for young Neil to suck from his cock before the boy is eventually allowed to jerk out his own jizz too!

Three guys bareback fucking (1)

Three guys bareback fucking (2)

Three guys bareback fucking (3)

Three guys bareback fucking (4)