Rutting, fucking, humping, shagging… all these words sound way too negative to describe the intimate bond in STAXUS’ latest porn scene featuring Liam Stone and Joel Tamir, for these two boys don’t just fuck, they make love! Real affection, real emotions, and all expressed with such physical closeness and deepest intimacy; the word “fucking“ simply sounds way too harsh for such a beautiful thing.

At the first glance you can tell that both these slim and smooth twinks are genuinely into each other and enjoy every fucking second of their time on screen: When Liam sinks down on his knees to worship Joel’s impressive, uncut member… when he touches his lover’s sexy body… when Liam lies down on the kitchen table to open up for Joel’s tongue and dick…

It’s pure romance and serves as the ultimate wanking material for all lovers of gay twinks out there, believe me!

I like the way Joel smiles and looks at Liam. I like Liam enjoying every inch of his mate’s cock in his hole. I like it that Joel cums into Liam’s expectant mouth. And I like it how Joel sucks the creamy content out of Liam’s throbbing hard-on.

Above all, I love the way both boys touch each other after sharing their cum…

Getting straight to the point, I honestly think the latest addition to the STAXUS website to be THE romantic highlight of 2018, and highly recommend you watch it – be it alone or with your beloved one!

Leave a comment if you fell in love with these boys like I did :)