I’ve got another great video addition to the Staxus site to introduce you horny guys to in this blog post, and I know all the fans of blond twinks are really gonna love this video with Marco Will, Carlos Conell and Tom Nutt!

This is all about two sexy blond twinks who know how to service a big dick, and horny Carlos Conell doesn’t seem to be put off by having two boys sucking and slupring on his straight boy dick either!

So how did they get to where they are, waking up together after a heavy night out? We’ve all done it, and even some straight guys like Carlos have done it too. But how many of them submit to sharing their throbbing morning wood with the boys and tasting some hard twink cock too?

He gets a thorough sucking from those lads, offering the same back and really getting into it as both of them take turns on his dick, eager to make him cum and show him that letting a guy suck you off is nothing to be fearful off. They dutifully blow and lick him, and by the time he spews the contents of his nut sack I have a feeling he’s converted to the boys team more than just a little.

Spent and satisfied Carlos Conell leaves the blond twinks to get each other off, and they definitely need to after sucking that boys cock! A flip-flop ride is the only way to go after being left un-fucked by that straight lad, but their cum loads suggest they enjoyed it even without him! ;)

Sucking Straight Boy Cock (1)

Sucking Straight Boy Cock (2)

Sucking Straight Boy Cock (3)

Sucking Straight Boy Cock (4)