Yeah, we have a brand new Spanish boy arriving tomorrow, and I think a lot of you are going to become fans of sexy and smooth young star Mark Fontana when you see what he’s getting up to with adorable Connor Rex in scene three of Face to Face.

We get right down to it with these boys, joining them on the bed as the two sit in their underwear, obviously eager to get started.

The second they get the green light they’re making out and revealing their hard twink cocks for each other, proceeding to suck and slurp on those tasty tools.

Adorable boy Connor looks especially hungry, but his skills at sucking a juicy dick are well matched by the new arrival.

We’ve seen Connor delivering some excellent action with some of the other boys already, so we know he has what it takes to make a dick spasm and spew hot juice, it’s actually a wonder these boys manage to even get to the fucking with all the awesome oral they’re sharing.

Rest assured they get there, with handsome new boy Mark proving that he’s more than capable of bottoming for a sweet young star like Connor and finishing things off with a great mess of cum.

Check out some of the pics and make sure you’re back here tomorrow for the video!

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