As you all probably know, we’ve had some great new guys arrive at STAXUS over the last few months, and while they’ve all found a lot of new fans wanting to see a whole lot more of them on video, Rudy Stone has become one of the sexiest new arrivals out of the bunch and one of the most appreciated, too. It’s easy to see why, with his handsome good-looks and his fit and athletic body, and that’s before we even mention his pretty thick and meaty uncut cock, he’s got plenty of what we love to see on video. We know a little about him, but I can tell you a little more before we get into the juicy details of his interview…

He’s a Czech star who loves music, enjoys rock climbing, and has a fascination for Tigers. He’s an animal lover and one day wants to travel to India to see Tigers in their natural habitat. He’s thought about volunteering with a Tiger refuge too, where they protect them from poaching and rehabilitate cubs to return to the wild.

He’s also a bit clumsy, which perhaps isn’t too good for someone who enjoys rock climbing! On his very first time on set he was mid-fuck when he stretched one of those long legs and knocked over a very expensive light stand! Thankfully no damage was done, and even if it had been broken he would have been forgiven.

So, now we know a little more about the gorgeous guy, let’s fine out more with our interview!

STAXUS: Boys come into the porn business in different ways and for different reasons, how did you decide to start making videos with us?

RUDY: Because I wanted to have sex with boys of my age who are really handsome and really well hung. I decided to work with STAXUS because I dreamed of having sex with Jaro Stone one day. Until now I did not have the chance yet to meet him, but well, I can dream.

STAXUS: Well, you never know what might happen in the future. You’ve probably discovered by now that things often can be a little surprising in this business. Has it all been as you thought it would be? Has anything about the way things are done surprised you?

RUDY: No, to be honest not. I have watched quite a lot porn movies in my life, so I knew roughly what to expect and that it is definitely more than just opening your trousers and spreading your legs.

STAXUS: So, you’ve been having fun so far? It’s been good for you?

RUDY: I think the number of scenes I have shot with STAXUS answers this question haha. I feel really well with you guys and I like the friendly atmosphere on set. Everyone has the goal to create a good porn movie for the audience and everyone on set gives his best. I give my cock haha

STAXUS: I think it shows that you’re definitely having fun when you’re sharing the screen with another boy. The videos so far have been great and I think all the fans agree. Do you have a favorite video you’ve been in so far?

RUDY: Definitely the one with Charlie Keller for “Out in the woodsβ€œ. He’s such an incredibly hot guy! He was laying naked on a blanket in the woods, I walked towards him – naked as well – and it was a pleasure to seduce him and his wonderful body. I really enjoyed the sex with him and wish I could have such a hot thing every day!

STAXUS: He’s a very sexy young man, I know a lot of the fans instantly took a shine to him the moment they saw him for the first time. He has a lot of what the members like. I take it has a lot of what you like in a boy too? What is it about guys that really does it for you?

RUDY: The face is important for me, but I also like the combination of a hot ass and my cock. I love to watch how my cock glides in a tight boy’s ass and if possible I would like to have a mirror around to watch myself fucking the other guy. I think there is nothing hotter than watching your own cock fucking another boy’s arse.

STAXUS: You sound very much like a dedicated top, is that what you plan to be for the foreseeable future? What other sex acts do you love to share with another guy?

RUDY: I think once or twice I tried to be a bottom and it was okay, but when I have the chances to decide, I surely will choose to be the top. I love receiving a good blowjob and then fucking a nice ass. So, I would say: Blowjobs and sex haha

STAXUS: Who doesn’t like a good blowjob? I know I love a good suck. Sharing blowjobs with friends was how I worked out I really loved cock. How did you discover you enjoyed sex with other guys?

RUDY: It was together with a neighbour of mine in my teenager days. We used to spend hours in front of the TV together, watching cartoons like the Simpsons and such stuff. One evening my parents went our for dinner and left us alone. They knew my friend was supposed to spend the night with me as often in the past, but they surely wouldn’t have expected that he slept with me in a very sexual sense haha. We didn’t fuck, but he sucked my cock and I sucked his until we both had our orgasm. It was not the best blowjob I ever had, but it was one of the most romantic ones.

STAXUS: Romantic sex can be great, but then I like to make things a little dirtier sometimes too. Is there anything you think is dirty that you’re into? Any secret little fetishes or kinks you can share with your fans?

RUDY: I haven’t done any dirty things yet to be honest. I’m more into the “normal” stuff. You know, watching TV in the evenings, going out for dinner, having sex in bed and so on. The only “dirty” thing I have ever done was to bring handcuffs to a date, but we didn’t use them in the end.

STAXUS: It sounds like it would be nice to date you, I think most of our members will be thinking about that now too. I know a lot of them wonder about what their favorite performers do outside of making videos, so can I ask if you have another job? What do you enjoy doing besides having sex with gorgeous boys at STAXUS?

RUDY: I have a regular job yes, but I won’t tell. Besides my regular job I work some hours per week in a big indoor climbing hall where I teach other people how to do indoor climbing. I love climbing mountains, but I don’t have the time or money to do it every time I want to. So I discovered indoor climbing and I am a big fan of it.

STAXUS: I’ve never tried rock climbing but I would love to try it if I had someone like you teaching me. I have to admit that I would probably spend a lot of the lesson fantasizing about what I could do with my instructor though! Do you have any fantasies that might surprise us? Anything you want to experience at STAXUS?

RUDY: Sex with Jaro Stone haha! He could do anything with me and I really mean anything. I know he is a top, but I have seen videos with him where he bottomed as well. So I dream of fucking him one day and cumming all over him.

STAXUS: I think he would like that very much, perhaps we’ll have to look into it and see if we can make that happen?! We’re almost done with the questions now but I just have a couple more. A lot of the members love to see boys enjoying toys in their videos, is that something you would try? Do you use any toys at home?

RUDY: I still have the handcuffs in my cupboard, and I have a Fleshjack at home. When I am really horny I use it and stick my finger in my ass, but I don’t have any dildos or such things.

STAXUS: I think I speak for all your fans when I say we would like to see a video of that! Okay, last question… what kind of underwear do you like, what do you prefer to wear?

RUDY: I like briefs and jock straps. Jock straps feel great when you hang on the wall of the indoor climbing wall. When you undress in the changing room before you shower, it guarantees many curious looks from other guys.

STAXUS: I bet you get a lot of attention from other guys! I think the idea of you getting naked in a locker room and taking a shower with other guys around is enough to trigger plenty of fantasies with the members. Thanks for answering our questions for your fans on the blog, I know they appreciate it. Do you have any last thing to say to them?

RUDY: I just want to say thanks to them for watching. I’m glad they like seeing me and I hope to make a lot more videos with lots of boys in the future. Thanks!

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen handsome, fit and hung young Rudy in action on the STAXUS site yet, you really should be clicking through and checking him out. He’s become an incredibly popular young man and he really knows how to have fun with the other boys. Click through and check out his videos, and why not leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this interview?