They’re each as cute as fuck, so it’s perhaps no surprise that both Shane Barret and Rudy Valentino are sporting quite magnificent hard-ons in their designer underwear right from the very beginning of this scene. After all, how could either of these boys fail to have been turned on by the other?

Not that the briefs stay on either of them for very long, it must be said. Before you know it, Valentino is tugging away at his mate’s last remaining shred of dignity and is giving the thick, meaty, uncut cockhead that he’s discovered in Barret’s pants the kind of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation most of us ordinary mortals can only ever dream of. Believe us, this young man seems seriously obsessed with Barret’s dick, feeding off its hard length and lapping at its tender, swollen end like it’s the first bit of meat he’s had for years; but if he thinks his dick’s gonna get reciprocal treatment then he’s in for a rude surprise.

After all, Barret has only one intention here – to fuck Valentino’s ass red raw and to coat it with a splash of jizz. An ambition that he achieves with remarkable ease; leaving Valentino the chance to erupt for the camera courtesy of a tight-fisted hand-job!


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