Just the prospect of superstars of STAXUS Johan Volny and Thomas Dyk in the same scene together is plenty to have you clicking through to watch, but allow me to tell you guys what you’re missing out on if you don’t.

Legendary director Vlado Iresch knows how to get our juices flowing with a couple of handsome and horny Euro boys, teaming these two up for a rampant hardcore fucking.

Johan displays his seduction skills as Thomas catches him trespassing, quickly taking this meeting from one of confrontation to one of delicious cock lust. We all get it, none of us would be able to resist the temptation of this handsome and buff young man and his long and hooded cock.

Thomas is soon succumbing to his sexy unexpected guest, slurping on his long and solid boner and getting his own out for Johan to worship. It’s a tasty sight and might have you ready to squirt before they even get to the fucking, but you should hold back for that.

The sight of Johan sliding his length into that ass is awesome, and I admit that it has me contemplating what it would be like to be riding that tool. I doubt I would be able to endure it for as long as Thomas does before spilling my seed.

When that finally happens it’s a great mess these boys deliver, drenching Thomas’ abs and cock in spunk before finishing with some wet and slippery frotting :)

Enjoy some of the pics, click through for the video!