Online gay magazine [link url=”” title=”Daily Xtra” target=”_blank” /] has published an article earlier today and the title of the article immediately grabbed my attention. It reads: “Why Europeans are increasingly hot in North American porn?

Canadian editor Graeme Gerrard explains it as follows: “European porn stars are becoming increasingly popular in North American porn. It’s easy to see why. They have a tendency toward naturally muscled bodies, subtle beards and well groomed body hair, making California porn stars look like fake, blond, plastic dolls by contrast.

Without disrespecting some of our American colleagues (or even competitors), we all know that Graeme is right. Actually, European porn stars are not only becoming increasingly popular in North American porn, European porn stars in general are very hot and real, no matter in which production they appear.

Source: [link url=”” title=”Daily Xtra” target=”_blank” /]