It’s great to see a video getting such a good response, and I kind of knew that this twink wrestling scene with gorgeous boys Joshua Levy and Florian Mraz would get plenty of cocks hard and squirting out there when I saw the trailer for it. After seeing the full video and reading some of the comments about this one I had to let all you non-members see what the fans are saying.

I hope we get to see a lot more of eyecatcher Joshua..he`s undescribable sexy and his muscular body turns me on! – Chris

I know you’re not the only one who has a thing for gorgeous and thick-dicked Joshua, it’s easy to see why! I entirely agree with you, we can’t get enough of this handsome lad and his hot bod, or that meaty dick! I think it’s right that I tell you there’s another great video with this boy bottoming at the end of the month :)

I can’t tell you how stiffy-inducing that was. Great cum shots too, especially Florian’s explosion – Aino Wave

I was going to add all of your comment Aino but you were so in-depth and thorough that would have been the end of the post! I agree, one of the best things about gorgeous Florian is that he’s a real cum squirter. I love seeing him getting off in a video and Joshua definitely helped him deliver that big splashing mess.

Joshua is a beauty and his huge throbbing member is delicious. Uses it effectively both in the mouth and ass work. Great climax from Florian too – and nice to see him earringed too. – Espanaporfavor

You know, I didn’t even notice the rings in Florian’s ear! I guess I was distracted by something. One of the best things about Joshua is definitely that thick dick. He knows how to use it perfectly too, it clearly worked on Florian and led to that impressive climax he delivered.

I know we’ve got some lurkers around these parts, time to get in there and join the gang. You know there’s more than 1800 full hardcore videos on the site now, right?