I know what you’re thinking; you wish that Alan Benfelen was in this twink bareback threesome video from the start, sharing his cock with Carl Ross and young bottom Zac Todd. I kind of agree, but I do like the fact that this threeway is a little different from the common formula, and there’s no denying that the action the boys share is hot!

Zac is starting all of this off by discovering a discarded mankini in the school locker room, and while most of us would probably just ignore this despicable item of clothing (come on, other than the flesh on show there is no reason to enjoy these items of clothing! lol) he decides to try it on for size.

When gorgeous Carl arrives and finds him not a moment is wasted as cocks are revealed for some sucking and a butt hole gets a lot of rimming!

I have been so impressed with Carl so far, he a stunning boy with a great body and a hot cock too, so seeing him sucking dick and playing with Zac’s hole to get his naked shaft inside is enough to have a dude like me furiously wanking it. I almost forgot that this was a twink bareback threesome and we were awaiting the arrival of Alan Benfelen!

But, when he does arrive, he just adds to the fun as he feasts on any cock he can get and feeds Zac his own before pumping out his load in his face. If you get off on heavy and messy cum loads (and we all do!) you will enjoy the wads being shared in this one.

Zac gets a facial from Alan, which he and Carl share in some sticky kissing, then Zac gets his load fucked and wanked out of him before both he and Alan get a facial from Carl!

This is a hot threeway, one that I have a feeling you’re all going to be watching more than a few times ;)