I think we all knew that this hardcore bareback video needed to be mentioned on here again, and in a commenting on comments post. It was clear to me when I saw it that this was going to get a lot of attention from the members, and probably a lot of great comments on it too. Looks like I was right about that, the fans have been voting this up and enjoying it a hell of a lot. It’s been a very popular scene this month and I think it’s going to be this popular for a while yet.

So, what did the Staxus members have to say about handsome jock Dick Casey being seduced into some horny action in a car with Ray Mannix…?

Dick Casey and Ray this combination is the best here ever seen..so much passion and lustful acting!..besides the camera view and filming in the taxi is very nice to watch..have seen it in a video before..the tension rises till Ray the “taxidriver:-)” touches Dick and then Dick is extradited to the sexhungry always willing young czech Ray…oh my god..like a fairytale..a video as its best! – Chris

I have to confess the whole seduction thing in the car was amazing to watch. I know some might think that Dick knew about all of this, but he really didn’t. He was totally confused about it, but when a boy like Ray offers to swap some cock sucking it’s not likely a lad like Dick would be able to say no to that! lol

Loved it, reminds me of experience I had when young, so cars are still one of my fave props! Both guys well matched and lots of feeling. – randybob

I don’t think I’m the only one who would love to read about those experiences you had! I personally only have a couple of car-related stories, like sharing a wank with a friend in the back of his dads Merc, and fucking a buddy over the back of an old London taxi in the garage where he worked :)

Great scene, cute,little Ray with hunky Dick are the perfect combo, the car section brought back many good memories. When will we see Reuben Bart again? Would love to see him getting fucked in the back of a car. – Dee Pee Zee

Hmm, it seems a few of us have horny car stories, so maybe Staxus is on to something with this theme? :)

So there you have a selection of comments about this scene, and if you haven’t enjoyed it yet then you really should click through and check it out. Here’s the post about Dick Casey and Ray Mannix, just in case you want some more photos – and of course you do!