Okay guys, so I thought I would start highlighting certain things about some of the videos that really grab my attention. This could be anything, from the horniest thing to the weirdest thing. If there’s something in a video that really makes me stop and have a WTF!? moment then I’ll share it on the blog in a comment post.

You can join in too! Comment below about the topic of discussion or if you have a suggestion for something that you think needs its own WFT!? post then let me know :)

I’m kicking this off with one of the horniest sights I’ve seen this year, and that’s the immensely messy cum shot of new Staxus boy Harry Vakker in his bareback fuck scene yesterday with Florian Mraz.

Now, it also has to be said that a couple of the fans have suggested there was little chemistry between the boys, but I disagree. You don’t get cum shots like that if the action between the stars is anything less than electric.

It’s clear to me from those final moments that both these guys had a lot of fun together, and the mess they make as they both unload their balls over Florian is not to be missed. I have to wonder if the couple of fans who were not impressed with this scene actually stuck around for the ending.

If you haven’t checked it out yet then go and have a look, I’ve grabbed a still shot and tried to capture the best moment of the immense cum splashing Harry delivers, but it’s not going to do it justice. Just click through and check out the video and decide for yourself.

Comment below and let me know what you think about this finish. Is the cum shot important to you? Is it hotter when it’s big and messy? Do you care if the lads unload hard or not?