I think the gay locker room orgy fantasy is something we have all wanked off to before, am I right? If you go to the gym like I do then you’ve probably imagined something like this with all those really hot guys you see in the showers.

We actually have quite a few gay locker room orgy videos on the Staxus site, and after my trip to the gym this morning and seeing two of the most gorgeous young men in the showers I was home shortly after and wanking my cock to this video!

Man, I was so horny after seeing those lads with their cocks flopping around and their smooth muscle butts flexing, but the most intense thing was seeing one of them getting hard. My cock was rock solid in an instant and I needed to wank so bad!

But I waited until I got home, and I found this gay locker room orgy with Bram Hester and Zac Powers kicking things off. They’re enjoying each other right there for everyone to see, and as the guys arrive and find what’s going on they’re all joining in to share their cocks too!

Dean Grant is the horniest though, and when he joins the party all the guys are ganging up to fuck his hole and cover him in their cum loads and piss too. The dirty boy loves to get pissed all over, and while he’s getting fucked and sucked, fed all those cocks and letting all the guys use him, they hose him down with urine too.

I wouldn’t have gone that far in my own gay locker room orgy, but taking the cum loads of a bunch of strangers in the middle of the locker room is definitely a fantasy of mine! ;)

Gay Cum And Piss Orgy (1)

Gay Cum And Piss Orgy (2)

Gay Cum And Piss Orgy (3)

Gay Cum And Piss Orgy (4)