I sincerely hope you’ve finished that annoying and really boring spring cleaning because, let’s be honest now, it really is no fun at all – no matter how hard my mother tried to convince me otherwise when I was a teenager … haha!

On the plus side, however … now that I think about it, and now that I watch the preview version of the next STAXUS scene, I never tried cleaning the way handsome twink boy Joel Tamir does it. Why, he’s wagging the dust mop and he’s wagging his flaccid, yet astonishingly big cock just moments later while doing some sexy house cleaning! Yep, that definitely looks much more fun to me, especially compared to the more ”traditional“ way!

But don’t let’s talk about dust mobs and cleaning, for the only things that really need to be licked clean are Joel’s and Jake Stark‘s uncut cocks! Both are soon on display – rock hard and as wonderful as usual, and in desperate need of a good blow-job!

Sexy Spaniard Jake, who has already showed us his bottom talents in some exceptionally hot bareback porn flicks in the past, shows off this time with his topping skills; and when I listen to Joel’s satisfied moaning and groaning, I’m quite sure Jake does a fucking good job!

Again, I highly recommend saving your cum until this scene is released, because you’ll want to shoot your load with all your might!

Check out the trailer and look forward to the final scene on Staxus.com!

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