I don’t think I’m the only one impressed by the tight and fit body of handsome new arrival Xander Rex. In fact, I know I;m not the only one impressed by his debut performance on the Staxus site.

If you haven’t seen his first video for us yet then you need to click through and check out the raw and kinky action he shared with new boy Erik Franke and horny Timmy Treasure. He really delivered in his first scene, and although it might have been considered something of a slow start for his debut he’s already shown that he has what i takes to be a real hot top for the other bottom boys.

We don’t know much about him outside of what he delivered in that scene, but I can tell you what I’ve heard from my insider in the Staxus camp.

Apparently, Xander is one of the horniest new arrivals they have ever encountered, always looking for action. He arrived with a mental list of the guys he wanted to share some cock pleasing fun with, and you can probably guess how many of the Staxus boys are on that list.

He loves all kinds of guys too, from the timid twinks to the muscle jocks to the daddy dudes. He’s more of a top than a bottom, but he hasn’t ruled out being fucked on video by the right guy.

And now I bet plenty of you guys are thinking up your own list of boys you want to see Xander Rex appearing on video with, right? Yeah, I have shortlist of my own already lol