Yes, it’s the awaited arrival of some horny Doctor Dick scenes kicking off tomorrow, and we’re starting it with a couple of real hotties in David Garret and Chris Ralf in this one too. You’ve seen some pics from the trailer already but I have some great new pics from this very horny remastered scene from the Vlado Iresch era to share with you in this post…

Young Chris is out in the woods when he takes a bit of a spill, but even though he thinks he might have broken a leg his spirits are somewhat improved when handsome and hot young David arrives to assist him.

I don’t know about you guys, but I would probably be feeling a lot better just seeing this handsome young man and knowing he’s about to give me the once over!

Of course he gives his lucky young patient more than that. Grabbing the boys uncut cock and wanking him gently he seems determined to offer his own special kind of treatment to the young man, and although there’s no chance of it miraculously healing a broken leg it turns out it’s a perfect way to district a boy from the discomfort of a sprain.

With Chris cock wanked and sucked and his tight little pucker fingered and opened up with some tasty rimming the Doctor gives his patient an injection of hard cock to follow it all up, thrusting his length into that snug young chute and taking the horny boy to the point of climax right there on the table!

This is just the first scene in the Doctor Dick movie, but I know you guys are going to love it!

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